November 8, 2022: The Sangguniang Bayan of Sampaloc, Quezon through the Committee on Laws, Rules and Measures conducted a Public Hearing today. The topics they discussed are about Ordinance Mandating Business and Commercial Establishments, Financial Institutions, and other Places and Spaces considered as high risk in the Municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon to install a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system and prescribing penalties for violations thereof. Ordinance to charge Livestock Traders on the Local Transport of Swine, Large animals and Poultry that will Department from the Municipality of Sampaloc, Quezon for the Animal Health Certification and Prescribing Penalties for Violations thereof. Ordinance Amending Municipal Tax Ordinance No. 123-2021 Entitled "Revenue Code of the Municipality of Sampaloc Province of Quezon" Chapter V-Municipal Charges, Article A. Rentals of Personal and Real Properties Owned by the Municipality and Article B. service charge for Garbage Collection.