Brief History

                  In the beginning, Sampaloc was a barrio of Lucban called Dingin consisting of three sitios. Later, the name was changed to Alfonso Trece in honor of the then King of Spain.

In 1873, Captain Pedro Cadeliña of Lucban recommended the creation of a municipality out of the Barrio however inhabitants being still few so it was considered only as a visita. At that time, Tenyente Mayores were appointed to head the visita. The first of whom was Juan Palillo followed by AracadioVeluya, Laureano Rañola, SilverioAbueva and Juan Saludades.

Through the efforts of Juan Pineda who became “absolute” in 1892, Sampaloc became a municipality. It was named after a big tamarind tree found in the center of the settlement.